Exhibitor Registration

The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA), based in Oakland, California, provides a wide range of services and education opportunities to help Independent Physician Associations improve their overall operations and better position themselves in the managed care environment. TIPAAA has more than 687 member organizations representing approximately 317,000 MDs in 36 state chapters.


TIPAAA's Annual National Meetings have been touted in the industry as being "educational boot camps," as the conference schedule is filled with a complete array of educational programs from how to start an IPA, to advanced IPA troubleshooting, to legislative and policy issues which impact the entire industry.  This intensive educational strategy attracts the greatest percentage of physician attendees than any other conference.  Approximately 50% of annual meeting attendees are physicians, with the remainder of the participants being IPA executives and administrators, health law and healthcare accountants, as well as organization and company leaders who work with IPAs.   Because of the intensive educational agenda and the vast networking opportunities, TIPAAA's annual meetings are known to be the "The Best Value for Your Healthcare Education Dollar."

Show Sponsor

The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) is the leading trade association serving Independent/Integrated Physician Associations (IPAs). Founded in 1994 in Oakland, California, TIPAAA provides a wide range of products, services, and educational programs designed to help IPAs operate effectively and successfully in managed care. The association has nearly 677 IPAs, chapters in 39 states (with more in development), and represents more than 303,000 Physicians affiliated with IPAs.


Who Attends

TIPAAA's target audience is primarily physicians (50%) and medical directors working in organizational leadership positions, IPA, PHO, MSO administrators, executives in physician practice management companies, health plan professionals working in the areas of provider relations and member-benefit design, individuals responsible for clinical management and financial operations, network development, and provider contracting, and professionals working in medical services risk management.



  • Physicians, medical directors and physicians working in organizational leadership positions. 

  • Health plan professionals working in the areas of provider relations and member-benefit design. 

  • IPA, PHO and MSO administrators.

  • Professionals working in medical services risk management.

  • Executives in physician practice management companies.


  • Individuals responsible for clinical management, financial operations, network development, and provider contracting. 


The benefits of exhibiting (the “Exchange”) at TIPAAA’s Annual Conference include:

  • National Recognition for your company

          TIPAAAA’s Annual National Meeting draws in a national audience – put your company front and center!

  • Non-competitive exhibit hall hours

          We offer 6 hours of dedicated exhibit hall time to meet and network with attendees

  • Access to ALL educational sessions

          Learn about the issues that are facing the industry plus take advantage of more networking time

  • Recognition in TIPAAA signage at the show

          See your company’s logo throughout the area surrounding the session room!

  • Recognition in the conference printed materials

          Your logo and a 50-word company description will be printed in our conference agenda

  • Listing on TIPAAA.COM website for six months following the meeting

          TIPAAA continues to support our sponsors by showing them off on our website!

  • Attendee list with contact information (available on the first day of the show)

          Be able to reconnect with the outstanding people you met at the conference!

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall

          12 month listing on TIPAAA's brand new Virtual Exhibit Hall where there is 24/7 access to your company from TIPAAA's website. 

*by registering for our conference you agree to these terms/conditions*  

Note: If you opt to register online you will be required to submit your payment on the website using credit or debit card. If you would like to pay by Check via mail please CLICK HERE to download the application. Thank you!

Rules and Regulations/Conditions of Contract to Exhibit

  1. Application Fee: Application fee includes one 10″x10″ exhibit space.  All Exhibitors must use official show colors for back-wall and side-rail drapes as outlined in the Exhibitors Service Manual.  Fee also includes complimentary exhibit staff.  (2 for $2,500, 3 for $4,000, 5 for $8,000 and 7 for $11,000)   A corner booth will add a $500.00 premium.

  2. Liability and Insurance: The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) assumes no liability for losses incurred by Exhibitors.  The Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, attorney’s fees, and other costs caused by or in any manner arising out of or associated with Exhibitor’s installation, maintenance, removal, occupancy, or use of the exhibit space or any part thereof, and Exhibitor agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Association, The Conference Hotel, and their respective owners, officers, directors, members, employees, and agents against all such claims, losses, and damages.  In addition, Exhibitor acknowledges that neither the Association nor the Hotel maintains insurance covering Exhibitor’s displays, equipment or other property, or covering Exhibitor’s employees or agents, and that it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitor to obtain appropriate liability, property damage, and business interruption insurance covering such losses.

  3. Laws:  Exhibitors and their agents are responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  4. Eligibility:  TIPAAA shall reserve the right to determine eligibility of any company or product for exhibit or promotion, wholly or in part, that is, in its (TIPAAA’s) opinion, not in keeping with the character and purpose of the ANM & “The Exchange” Exhibit Show.  Sales and taking of order at the Show are not allowed.

  5. Security:  TIPAAA does not guarantee the safety or security of any exhibits or items placed in the exhibit hall. TIPAAA will provide hall security for the duration of “The Exchange” Exhibit Show.

  6. Booth Space:  Each exhibit firm may contract for only one exhibit booth (exceptions must be approved in writing). Only one exhibit firm may be represented per space assignment.  Different divisions of the same exhibit firm/business entity may share booth space, but may not contract for separate space.

  7. Cancellations and Refunds:  CANCELLATIONS before January 2 in the year the meeting is held will receive credit towards future events. After January 2 there will be no refunds.

  8. Show Program:  Exhibitors must submit the product and services description requested in the Application/Contract to Exhibit to be included in the conference syllabus. TIPAAA is not responsible for mistakes or omissions.

  9. Booth Staffing:  All booths must be open and staffed during ALL exhibit hours. Extra staff badges are available for an additional fee.  For accessibility to exhibit area only, additional fee is $500 per day.  All changes in exhibit personnel must be made with Show Management prior to entrance into exhibit hall

  10. Arrangement of Exhibits:  All exhibits must be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others.  Booths that are 10’x10’ and 10’x 20’ should be constructed so that no copy appears higher than 8′ 3″ from the floor and no structure, banner, or other material is to exceed 8′ 3″ in height and 10″ in length.  Exhibitors must strictly adhere to the exhibit booth display rules outlined in the Standard Booth Regulation Guide, unless otherwise approved by Show Management.

  11. Booth Conduct:  Exhibitors are prohibited from preparing, distributing, or serving any food or beverage from their exhibit booth unless specific permission is received in writing in advance from Show Management.  Exhibitors are not permitted to use moving or strolling entertainment.  Costumed models or mannequins should ensure their appearance or dress is not of an offensive nature, even to the most critical.  The use of live animals in the show is prohibited.

  12. Sound:  Exhibitors with audible electronic sound or exhibits or devices being utilized that TIPAAA deems objectionable to other Exhibitors will be required to discontinue use.  Exhibitor warrants that any music played in their booth shall not violate any proprietary rights of any other party including copyrights.  Exhibitor shall indemnify TIPAAA in the event of any claim alleging violation of any copyright or any other right in relation to their exhibit.

  13. Care of Building:  No Exhibitors, their agents, or part of any exhibit shall injure or deface the walls or floors of the building, the booths, or equipment or furnishings in the booth and exhibit hall.  Any and all damage, losses, expenses, and/or costs resulting from failure to observe this notice shall be payable by the Exhibitor.

  14. Care of Exhibitor Space:  The Exhibitor must, at his expense, maintain and keep in good order his exhibit and the space for which he has contracted.

  15. Conflicting Meetings & Social Events:  Outside activities sponsored by exhibiting companies that would take visitors away from any scheduled Annual National Meeting activities, including educational sessions, the exhibit hall, and special exhibitor events are prohibited.  Activities of this nature are considered contrary to the purpose of the Annual National Meeting and exhibit show.  Any meeting, tours, press conferences, equipment demos, golf tournaments, live speakers, and company parties should be approved by Show Management to prevent schedule conflicts.  Failure to observe this regulation will jeopardize Exhibitor’s assignment of space or right to exhibit at future TIPAAA shows.

  16. Solicitation:  Advertising, canvassing, and solicitation of  business conferences in the interest of exhibitor business are not permitted except by firms that have been assigned booth space by TIPAAA to exhibit and then only in the exhibit space assigned or at specialized events designed for exhibit business.  Distribution of exhibitor materials delivered to attendees sleeping room doors or anywhere else in the hotel except in the specified booth space is not permitted.  Distribution of materials to other exhibit booths, including magazines, job opportunities, newsletters, etc. is not permitted.

  17. Prizes, Drawing, Souvenirs, etc.:  Prize contests, drawings, the giving of souvenirs, and other promotional items provided by individual exhibiting firms are subject to the control and approval of Show Management.  Exhibitors should submit full details on any intended activity of this kind to Show Management by February 2.  A schedule for drawings during the evening exhibit hall reception will be provided.  P.A. announcements of individual company’s drawings will not be permitted.

  18. Installation and Dismantling:  Exhibit installation may begin according to the scheduled installation hours.  Dismantling of exhibit space is strictly prohibited until the official close of the exhibit hall.  Requests to dismantle early must be provided in writing to TIPAAA prior to February 16th.  Permission to dismantle early will only be granted in writing, prior to the opening of the exhibit hall.

  19. Service Contractor:  The Official Service Contractor, yet to be determined, is responsible for all aspects of booth set up and dismantling, material handling, furniture rental, and other Exhibitor services.  All services customarily required by Exhibitors will be available through the Service Contractor approximately 90 days in advance of the show.  The Official Service Contractor service personnel will be on-site and maintain a service desk for your assistance.

  20. Independent Contractors:  Any independent contractor request must be submitted in writing with the necessary certificates of insurance in advance to TIPAAA and Freeman Decorating Company, so that permission may be secured for said subcontractor to operate.

  21. Service Manuals:  Exhibitor Service Manuals will be emailed to exhibitors as soon as available.  Exhibitors agree to adhere to the conditions outlined in the service manual.

  22. Services Ordered:  Exhibitor are responsible for all goods and services ordered through suppliers, including the Hotel and the official exhibit show service contractor for their exhibits pursuant to conditions set forth by such firms.  TIPAAA assumes no liability for payments for goods or services not covered in the contract for booth space reservation.

  23. Exhibit & Freight Shipments:  Pop-up exhibits and small items may be hand carried into the exhibit hall.  No hand trucks or carts are permitted.  For all other deliveries, exhibitor should contact the Service Contractor for proper instructions or should arrange for labor and storage in advance using the order forms from the Exhibitor Service Manual.  The Service Contractor will handle Exhibitor freight shipments on an exclusive basis.

  24. Hotel Shipments:  The Hotel will be accepting select convention material shipments.  The shipping and receiving room will not accept any materials shipped more than 2 business days prior to the start of the meeting.  A schedule of shipping and receiving room hours will be available on request.  Show Management will have no authority and will not be held responsible for shipments to the Hotel.  Exhibitors are solely responsible for any drayage fees requested by the Hotel for receiving or shipment of exhibiting materials.

  25. Fire Regulations:  All packing containers (i.e. crates, cartons, boxes) must be removed from the exhibit area.  Exhibitors will not be permitted to store any excess material behind their booth or under tables.  All muslin, velvet, silk, or any other cloth decorations must withstand a flameproof test as prescribed by the local fire ordinance.  Floor plan is subject to Fire Marshall approval.  Smoking is strictly prohibited in the exhibit hall and session rooms.

  26. Violations:  Exhibitors and their representatives who fail to observe these conditions of contract or who, in the opinion of TIPAAA, conduct themselves unethically may be dismissed without refund or appeal for redress.  In addition to dismissal, Exhibitors who violate regulations are subject to removal of booth space assignment and sanctions by the Exhibitor Advisory Council.

  27. Cancellation or Postponement of Convention:  In the event the Annual National Meeting is postponed due to any occurrence not caused by the conduct of TIPAAA, the conference Hotel, or the exhibitor, or that such occurrence be an act of God or the result of war, riot, civil commotion, sovereign conduct, or the act or conduct of any person or persons not party or privy to this contract, then the performance of such parties under this contract shall be excused for such period of time as is reasonably necessary after such duration of such postponement.  In the event that such occurrence results in cancellation of the convention, each party hereby releases the other from obligations under this contract.