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Exhibitor Registration

The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA), based in Oakland, California, provides a wide range of services and education opportunities to help Independent Physician Associations improve their overall operations and better position themselves in the managed care environment. TIPAAA has more than 687 member organizations representing approximately 317,000 MDs in 36 state chapters.


TIPAAA's Annual National Meetings have been touted in the industry as being "educational boot camps," as the conference schedule is filled with a complete array of educational programs from how to start an IPA, to advanced IPA troubleshooting, to legislative and policy issues which impact the entire industry.  This intensive educational strategy attracts the greatest percentage of physician attendees than any other conference.  Approximately 50% of annual meeting attendees are physicians, with the remainder of the participants being IPA executives and administrators, health law and healthcare accountants, as well as organization and company leaders who work with IPAs.   Because of the intensive educational agenda and the vast networking opportunities, TIPAAA's annual meetings are known to be the "The Best Value for Your Healthcare Education Dollar."

Show Sponsor

The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) is the leading trade association serving Independent/Integrated Physician Associations (IPAs). Founded in 1994 in Oakland, California, TIPAAA provides a wide range of products, services, and educational programs designed to help IPAs operate effectively and successfully in managed care. The association has nearly 677 IPAs, chapters in 39 states (with more in development), and represents more than 303,000 Physicians affiliated with IPAs.


Who Attends

TIPAAA's target audience is primarily physicians (50%) and medical directors working in organizational leadership positions, IPA, PHO, MSO administrators, executives in physician practice management companies, health plan professionals working in the areas of provider relations and member-benefit design, individuals responsible for clinical management and financial operations, network development, and provider contracting, and professionals working in medical services risk management.



  • Physicians, medical directors and physicians working in organizational leadership positions. 

  • Health plan professionals working in the areas of provider relations and member-benefit design. 

  • IPA, PHO and MSO administrators.

  • Professionals working in medical services risk management.

  • Executives in physician practice management companies.


  • Individuals responsible for clinical management, financial operations, network development, and provider contracting. 


The benefits of exhibiting (the “Exchange”) at TIPAAA’s Annual Conference include:

  • National Recognition for your company

          TIPAAAA’s Annual National Meeting draws in a national audience – put your company front and center!

  • Non-competitive exhibit hall hours

          We offer 6 hours of dedicated exhibit hall time to meet and network with attendees

  • Access to ALL educational sessions

          Learn about the issues that are facing the industry plus take advantage of more networking time

  • Recognition in TIPAAA signage at the show

          See your company’s logo throughout the area surrounding the session room!

  • Recognition in the conference printed materials

          Your logo and a 50-word company description will be printed in our conference agenda

  • Listing on TIPAAA.COM website for six months following the meeting

          TIPAAA continues to support our sponsors by showing them off on our website!

  • Attendee list with contact information (available on the first day of the show)

          Be able to reconnect with the outstanding people you met at the conference!

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall

          12 month listing on TIPAAA's brand new Virtual Exhibit Hall where there is 24/7 access to your company from TIPAAA's website. 

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