Nancy Babbitt

Nancy Babbitt

Nancy Babbitt began her career in health care in Texas, working in physician billing.  This experience gave her a skillset vital to the physician practice. She then moved to Atlanta, working first for an independent vascular surgery group, and then the Roswell Pediatric Center, where she spent the next 22 years.

One particular area of Nancy’s expertise includes the successful implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other information technology initiatives. During her tenure, the Roswell Pediatric Center won the coveted 2003 Davies Award of Excellence from the Healthcare Information Management Society (HIMSS).

Nancy has worked with large integrated, hospital-owned medical practices and those led by sole practitioners.  In 2015, Nancy joined forces with her long-time colleagues, Debra Wiggs, Michelle Wier, and Irv Barnett to found Vision to Value (V2V) practice management consultants.

The always-interesting and frequently chaotic field of health care has taught Nancy some life lessons about how to always rise to a challenge, how to stay nimble, and how to adapt to change. She shares that health care has always been a complex and challenging profession, but what’s different, nearly three decades into her career, is the level of intensity as the medical care delivery system in this country begins to evolve into a clinically proactive and consumer-driven field. One big change she notes, in particular, is the new era of transparency, driven by cost-conscious consumers with high deductible insurance plans.

In addition to serving medical practices, Nancy enjoys public speaking as a way to mentor a new generation of health care providers. She says 82% of physicians tell their families and friends that they shouldn’t enter the health care profession. Nancy has made it her mission to change that statistic.

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