Ken Johnson, FLMI, AIRC

Ken Johnson, FLMI, AIRC

Ken has over four decades of experience in the insurance industry, with in-depth knowledge of the life, healthcare and the captive insurance risk management industries.

In July 2011, he became part of a team of healthcare professionals who together, where able to secure approval of the first non-profit, consumer driven health insurance cooperative in the southern United States from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS/CMS), raising over $ 88 million in Federal loans.

In June 2013, Ken formed Advance Insurance Management Systems, Inc. (AIMS), along with two additional subsidiary companies, Advance Benefit Management Systems USA, Inc., (ABMS) a Third Party Administrative company doing business in over fifteen states. In 2014, he added another major company to The AIMS Group, Advance Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (ARMS). ARMS is a HealthCare management company that has established some very top technology partnerships as part of the ARMS Consortium. In 2017, Ken formed (ATME), and using this company to purchase 70% ownership in the advanced telemedicine platform, MeVisit will be introduced to tens of thousands Primary Care Physicians starting in 2018, as the most advanced technology for managing chronic care patients. ARMS will ultimately form several HMO/MCO insurance companies that will bring a new dimension to healthcare management. In his long career, Ken has held executive positions as Controller, Treasurer and Vice President-Special Markets on different occasions for three large insurance companies, his career also included ten years as a Senior Insurance Examiner-In-Charge, working for the North Carolina and later the South Carolina Insurance Departments. His regulatory experience included conducting both marketing and target examinations of over fifty of the largest life and health insurance companies operating in the southern United States.

A US Navy veteran where he served for six years during which time he had two tours to Vietnam. Ken attended the University of Maryland (European Branch) where he studied accounting and economics. He later attended North Carolina State University completing advance accounting and computer science studies. He is a member of the South Carolina Captive Insurance Association (SCCIA).

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