Jay Enis

Jay Enis

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. (1946), Jay Enis holds BS & Masters degrees from Long Island University from where He was named in Who’s Who of U.S. College students. Simultaneous with a 2 Year Fellowship, He attended NYU Law School & began dabbling in entrepreneurial endeavors, initially in the Apparel Industry, and later, in various Financial endeavors, as a merchant banker. Having successfully operated in this capacity for close to 50 years (real estate, telecommunications, financial services, gaming, transportation, environment, technology, & healthcare) Enis is currently the Managing Principal of Healthcare Enterprises for the Strategica Group. His greatest accomplishment though is His 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and His 46 year marriage to his wife, Susan.

Most recently, Enis has focused on the rapidly changing world of healthcare software with which physicians can securely export/import patient data (HIPAA compliant) culminating in a singular EMR platform from which to access real time data, and make optimum clinical decisions. Timely access and decision making is a universally accepted formula for better outcomes, which thru ventured associations with affiliate entities can be quantified, resulting in value based shared savings with healthcare Insurers. To this end, Enis Companies have designed mobile APP(s), P2P network Chat & EZ Script Pro, to promote professional communication integrated with ancillary service providers streamlining the time & process from which resulting bilateral data can be accessed and utilized to insure the best patient qualitative outcomes. Any vision of this magnitude requires the inclusion of a “village”, and as such, inclusion of Dr. Ajay Goyal and Mr. Larry Jones as venture partners has been pivotal in making the vision become a reality. Through collaborative input and implementation, the resulting functionalities created are truly worthy of meeting the healthcare challenges of tomorrow, yielding qualitative patient lives, fair compensation incentives for both physicians and Insurers, while incorporating necessary service providers into the equation. The healthcare landscape of tomorrow is here today!

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