A Walter Hankwitz, MBA, FACHE, CMPE

A Walter Hankwitz, MBA, FACHE, CMPE

Wally Hankwitz is an accomplished healthcare executive. For the last two decades, he has

focused on the development, implementation, and operation of physician-led IPA’s, PHO’s and

clinically integrated networks focusing most recently on CMS MSSP and Next Generation ACO’s.


Over the last couple of years, Wally served as lead on 5 MSSP and one Next Generation ACO

applications, all successful, and has been actively engaged in assisting with the development

and implementation of the infrastructure and operations of a statewide pluralistic ACO sponsored

by the largest healthcare provider in a central US state. Four of those 5 MSSP applications have

led to ACOs that enjoyed shared savings in 2014, including two that are among CMS’ top 10

MSSP ACO’s in 2014. Wally has kept abreast of CMS’ ACO rapid movement through 2015 as a

member of NAACOS Policy Committee and shares his insights as a frequent speaker at national

and state-level healthcare conferences.


From June 2009 through 2010, he served as Executive Director of a start-up PHO in Denver

created to support virtual clinical integration between the sponsoring hospital and its community

based and employed physicians to advance more cost effective, higher quality, and safer care

across the continuum of health care. While in Colorado, Wally served as a senior center Board

member, was a founding Board member of the state society for wellness and prevention, a

member of the local FQHC Advisory Board, and a member of the Executive Steering Committee

for the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care’s pilot for the Eric Coleman care transition model.


Prior to that, Wally was Executive Director of an 800+ physician IPA for ten years, and

concurrently for seven years, served as Co-Executive Director of the clinically integrated JCAHO

and URAC accredited PHO of which the IPA was 50% owner. That PHO, functioning as a

provider-owned PPO, was one of 11 sites selected by CMS in 2005 to participate in the PGP

Demonstration Pilot (the precursor to Pioneers and ACO’s). The IPA currently provides support

for an MSSP ACO that saved CMS $40 million over 3 years with quality scores in the high 90’s.


For the decade prior, Wally was with a major medical center in California serving in a variety of

key roles including Senior Vice President for Healthcare Contracting and Marketing (concurrently

Executive Director of its capitated PHO and IPA), Vice President of Strategic Business

Development, Vice President of Personnel, and Executive Director of its Fitness Institute.


A Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and certified by the Board

of the American College of Medical Practice Executives (CMPE), Wally received his MBA in

Health Care Administration from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. He served

as adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s Graduate School of Public Health.

Other health care boards on which he served include the Hospital Council of Southern California,

Highlands Wellmont Health Network, CHIP, and PrimeHealth of Southern California.

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